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You are reading our Spectrum 7 Technology review which exposes a malicious beta tester scam that has taken advantage of people from all walks of life. Supposedly 30 lucky people made millions of dollars last year with this new binary options auto trading software. We’ll explain below why this is an outrageous lie with no proof.

 If you received an email convincing you that this auto trader is legitimate, please read this review before investing! You will save yourself a great deal of money and heartache!
 We know some of you are probably reading this AFTER signing up and losing your money. You are probably wondering if there is anything you can do to get your money back.
 Special Scam Alert: If you have invested with the Lexington Code SCAM please contact us immediately to share your story!
 We will try to help you! Please send us an email and detail your experience! Spectrum 7 is a scam and the people behind it need to be stopped ASAP before they can hurt anyone else!

 Spectrum 7 Technology Review: How Does It Work?

Spectrum 7 is a binary options auto trading software that claims to be able to make you $1500 each and every day. The man speaking in the video doesn’t go into too many details as to how this is done. Instead, he chooses to rely on

 Derek Folsom tells us that he is available on the phone and via live chat. We found this claim too good to resist.
 We sure did! We called him up!
Hasil gambar untuk Spectrum7 review

So… it turns out that “Derek Folsom” doesn’t answer the phone… and furthermore, he doesn’t respond to the live chat either.

 We tried our best, but all we ever spoke to was an account manager with a shady, unregulated broker that claimed he couldn’t guarantee Spectrum 7 actually worked. He wanted me to deposit $500 into my account so he could “bump my account up to VIP and give me all the good trades”. Sure.
 We’ve seen and heard this exact line before. In fact, this is what all trashy and scamming account managers say. “Deposit more money so I can help you!” If you hear this, run away as fast as you can. This is the last thing you will hear before your money disappears.
 But back to the case of Derek Folsom…
 “Derek Folsom” tells us that he and “his team” worked night and day for years to develop this top secret trading software that can change your entire life. He also seems to think that you and I have heard of him before.
 Let’s be very clear…
 NOBODY has ever heard of Derek Folsom before. He’s a nobody, a zero, a made up name. He does not exist. The voice you hear in the video is simply a voice actor. This is a typical technique used in binary options scam videos.
 Relaunch or New Scam: Beta Tester Group?
 Derek Folsom (voice actor) claims that Spectrum 7 Technology was such an incredible success in 2015 that he decided to relaunch it for 2016.
 But was Spectrum 7 even around in 2015?
 Not according to our research! The answer to that question is a big fat NO.
 Don’t be fooled by their claim to have had a popular beta tester group. That claim is 100% false.

We were heavily involved in the binary options auto trading market back in 2015 and we recall with perfect certainty that Spectrum 7 Technology was NOT there. Despite their lofty claims, there never was any beta tester group.

 So what does this mean?
 The current launch is the FIRST time this software has been tested. Yes, this means that all the user reviews on the website are 100% fake.
 Let’s be clear. If there really was easily verifiable beta tester groups, we’d have no trouble verifying it. We would be reading about them in Forbes or on CNN!
 Keep reading to see what we found out when we read the REAL user reviews!
 Real User Reviews?
 As we explained above, Spectrum 7 is lying about their 2015 beta tester group. But what’s worse… they are lying about something else as well!
 Take a long look at the couple in the video below.

This sweet couple claims to have made thousands of dollars with the beta tester group we disproved above. This couple is nothing but a fraud. You can find their acting profile HERE.

 They make false testimonials for a living! All of the other users featured on the website are also paid actors. What you see here is nothing but the same old binary options scam.
 Earning Money Online Safely?
 Binary options auto traders are spamming up your inbox on a daily basis. Aren’t they? You are probably reading this AFTER opening an email that told you making thousands of dollars “has never been easier”. Unfortunately, that was a lie. Making money online is harder today than it was yesterday.
Why? There are so many scams to navigate that determining who to trust is probably the singular biggest obstacle to actually finding success.
 Before investing with any financial institution, please research it carefully. If you are a novice and aren’t sure which program to trust, please send us an email and we’ll be glad to look into it for you. In the meantime, check out our favorite way to trade with a regulated broker, Social Trading with Tradeo!
 If you want to make money safely with thousands of others, read our My Paying Ads review. Most of all, don’t forget to protect your money by…
 Never invest money that you can’t afford to lose! 
 Is Spectrum 7 Technology a Scam?

Yes. Our investigation into this binary options software has determined that Spectrum 7 is a scam. Take a look below for the major drawbacks…

 1. The CEO, Derek Folsom, is a fake person using a fake name. The voice speaking in the video is simply a voice actor.
 2. The 2015 beta tester group never existed. Spectrum 7 was not even around until a few weeks ago!
 3. User results rate the actual software performance with a 42% win rate, losing a majority of signals.
 4. Spectrum 7 works directly with unregulated brokers that will harass you to deposit more money that you will lose.
 It’s hard to argue with these facts! Spectrum 7 Technology is a Scam!
 If you have any questions or wish to invest with something that actually works, please contact us for more help! Thank you for reading our Spectrum 7 Technology Review.
Hasil gambar untuk Spectrum7 review