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Hello and welcome to another review from MMOZ. Today we are looking a system that I am actually shocked to say is currently one of the most popular products online. At this point I should point out that although this system is popular it doesn’t mean that it’s not a scam! Far from it in fact. Safeguard trader was launched some time ago, but has taken a while to spread across the internet. Today we aim to warn people about this scam and the lies that surround it. Welcome to my Safeguard trader review.

The Safeguard Trader Lies

At face value Safeguard Trader looks pretty much like any other website out there. The website is pretty standard and so is the sales pitch. So what has made this system so very popular and is there reason to get excited about Safeguard Trader? The quick answer here is that Safeguard Trader has been pushed massively and promoted as being the next best thing online to make money quickly with. The software has been promoted in a huge way on social media and via email marketing campaigns by affiliate marketers looking to earn commission. The truth is, Safeguard Trader is a scam and one that copies many others that we have seen recently.

The Safeguard Trader system is surrounded by lies! There are currently lots of marketers out there that will tell you that they have tried this software and have been successful with it. This is a lie!

In fact after just seeing a few seconds of the intro video to Safeguard Trader, we hear our first lie and the first sentence that is designed to suck you into the scam. We learn that not only will Safeguard Trader make money for us on complete auto-pilot but it will “guarantee” no less than 33 grand in our bank account by tomorrow! Now that’s a tall order!

At this point it would be nice to say that most people have seen through this scam, but unfortunately this is not the case. The reason that we are here today writing this review is to hopefully connect with a few of you before you make a big mistake. Here are the facts:

Safeguard Trader Review – Get The Facts

Hasil gambar untuk Safeguard Trader review

Safeguard Trader is complete scam, regardless of what the sales video says and regardless of what any other website tells you. You may have been impressed by this system and you may be tempted to give this a try, especially when you hear that the amazing Safeguard Trader software is being given away at no cost. Well guess what… The Safeguard Trader software is free, but it will still cost you money to use it!

This scam works by making you think that some very kind millionaire is giving away a piece of software that works on auto-pilot, making you money whilst you sleep. Because there is no cost involved to get the software, you think it sounds like a good deal. However, in order to “activate” the software you are required to deposit at least $250 with a chosen binary trading broker. And here is where the scam begins…

The makers of Safeguard Trader are affiliated with the binary trading broker and therefore get paid a commission when you deposit money. This is how Safeguard Trader makes its money. This would be a completely fair deal if the software did as promised. However, the Safeguard Trader software is not designed to win trades and make money for you at all. In fact this software is based on the same design that we have seen here many times before. Safeguard Trader will eventually take your money and lose is all. The software was never designed to win trades, it was simply designed to guess! Sometimes the software will get it right, sometimes it will get it wrong. Eventually, you will lose.

Safeguard Trader Review – Seen this scam before?

Safeguard Trader logoThis trading software is very similar to many other trading systems that we have seen online. However, Safeguard Trader takes the scam a little further by luring you into something called protected trades. I guess this is where the creators of this system came up with the name Safeguard Trader. Protecting your trades is something that a lot of binary brokers will do, but at a cost. You see, when you join a binary trading broker you will need to prove your identity and you will also need to speak to somebody in person via a telephone call. This is completely normal and something that all binary options brokers do. Forcing you into verifying yourself via a phone call is an excellent opportunity for the trading company to try and push their services on you. In this case you will be offered a deal to “safeguard” your trades.

Protecting trades is quite common in binary trading but differs from one broker to another. There is always a catch with protected trades and it will always cost you more money. So regardless of how great the deal sounds, protecting your trades with a broker should be avoided as all costs.

You need to remember that these people are in this business to make money. There is no nice millionaire that has decided to help others make millions and the binary options company that you are required to deposit money with only make money when you give it to them. It is in the interest of both the binary broker and the creators of Safeguard Trader to encourage you put more money into the system. This is why you will be offered what sounds like amazing deals! Protected or guaranteed trades are just another way to make the deal sound great, when in actual fact it’s just another way to get you to part with more money.

Hasil gambar untuk Safeguard Trader review

Some binary brokers will protect a certain amount of trades so that you don’t make any losses, should the trade lose. However, should you agree to protect these trades you will then also be agreeing to a whole new set of terms and conditions that are designed to part you from your money. A lot of trading companies will “safeguard” a certain amount of trades in exchange for not being able to withdraw any money from them until you have traded at least double the amount that is protected. This of course may at first sound good, but is in fact a guaranteed way to lose a lot of money unless you really know what you are doing.

But Safeguard Trader says that is does everything for us on auto-pilot and we are guaranteed $33,000 in our account by tomorrow! Although, this lie alone has drawn many people into this system, I can promise you that this really isn’t going to happen. What’s worse is the fact that Safeguard Trader actually tell you this within their terms…

As you can clearly see, Safeguard Trader actually warns you about getting involved with this system. Unfortunately this is all that is required for the creators of Safeguard Trader to get away with this scam. You will notice the standard warnings at the beginning of these terms, telling you that you will be risking your money should you get involved. However, something that you may not be too familiar with is the section at the bottom of these terms, which talk about “simulated results”.

By placing a disclaimer about simulated results within these terms, the makers of Safeguard Trader get away with letting you whatever lies they wish. What this section of the terms is actually saying is that what you see in the sales videos is “simulated”, something that “could” possibly happen. It’s like me telling you that I have the winning lottery numbers to this week’s lottery draw. I might get the lottery numbers right, but the chances are extremely low! Simulated results disclaimers give these scammers the license to do and say whatever they like.

Hasil gambar untuk Safeguard Trader review