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Compound Trader Review


Hasil gambar untuk Compound Trader review

Compound Trader starts the brainwash session with ridiculous promises

As soon as you enter the homepage of Compound Trader scam, you will be presented with an auto-play sales video that aim to brainwash you.

If you have been looking to generate quick riches from the internet, you are the target audience of this scam.

Did you notice how they start off the sales video with the promises of dream house, luxury cars, and exotic vacations?

They were trying to get you excited with what they have to say, and coupled with the headline that promises $770 profits an hour on auto-pilot, most people will take the time to watch the video.

Albert Henderson, the alleged founder of Compound Trader software claims that his software can capitalize on the profits from winning trades and roll them over to subsequent trades to achieve compounding effect.

The logic is sound and valid, but it all depends on the software’s ability to generate winning trades in the first place – in which Henderson claims that winning trades are guaranteed with his Compound Trader software.

He has even provided a table with live profits to ease your mind, but can you really trust him?

The Live Profits Table is Fake

The live profits table is not to be trusted

Below the sales video, Compound Trader scam provides a table that continually updates itself with the “live profits” generated from the software.

It displays the date and time of the trades, as well as the amount of profits generated from each trade.

However, anyone who have traded binary options before would know that the market operates 5 days a week – from Monday to Friday. There’s no market activity on weekends.

This review was written on a Sunday, 24 July 2016 (refer to the date from the screenshot above). According the “live trades” panel, the software was still making trades on a day where there’s no market activity.

How is this possible? Apparently, the live trade section for Mirror Trader was just a fake results panel generated using a computer script that pair random results with your current time.

No real trades have been performed behind those profits. The same tricks were used in Mirror Trader scam that we have reviewed before.

The fake profits table would’ve worked well during the weekdays, but when it comes to weekends their trick would be exposed.

Hasil gambar untuk Compound Trader review