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Market Miners is a new cryptocurrency trading robot. You can open a demo account on the company website at The smart cryptocurrency robot was designed to use the most recent and effective algorithms to provide users with an edge over the competition. The claim is that the robot is more effective than 99% of other conventional traders on the market.

How Does Market Miner Work?

The first step to use the platform is to open a free account, at which time you’ll be given a broker who you are compatible with for the execution of fast speed trades. Once you’ve been assigned a broker, you can then deposit money into your account with the minimum amount being 0.065 BTC. The next step is to start Market Miner, adjust all the needed settings, enter the trade amount and follow the risk management strategy and you’ll soon start benefitting from maximum profits made straight into your broker account.

When you use Market Miner, you can keep your money safe because they are protected and held in the miners trading platform. They can be easily withdrawn when you request it. The platform offers fast trade execution, where the trades are placed on the quickest route trading platform available – thereby giving their software the angle needed when watching out for pump and dump scams.

The trading on the platform is diversified and works in a specialized way to help you find the best trades that will be most profitable out of eight different cryptocurrencies. The platform is set to help you easily create a diversified portfolio regardless of your current position in crypto trading.

With lifetime of updates, you can stay ahead of the pack with the help of the consistently updated platform that Market Miner operates on.

Available Cryptocurrencies

  • Bitcoin, the first successful P2P payment system and virtual currency, free from any centralized financial institution.
  • Ethereum, the intelligent investment cryptocurrency with smart contracts, apps and no possibility of interference, running on a decentralized network.
  • Litecoin, the P2P online currency that gives users instant transactions with no fees, to anywhere around the world.
  • Dash, the cryptocurrency that is designed to be the most user friendly.
  • Ethereum Classic, a hard fork of the original Ethereum.
  • Ripple, the cryptocurrency of financial institutions that was also designed for payment providers, digital asset exchanges and corporations who needed a safe way to send money.
  • Monero, the open-sourced cryptocurrency hard forked off Bytecoin in 2014 and offers 100% anonymity.
  • Augur, the decentralized prediction market. And a platform developed for accurate forecasting.

The platform also has technical indicators that operate fully automated, so your trades are completed with exact timing, while at the same time dissolving any false signals associated with technical analysis. These include a SMA indicator, as well as one for EMA, WMA, and BB. And with the platform, you can trade smart on any device you have, that’s said to be how simple it is.

Who Is Behind Market Miner?

There is no disclosure of the team, a bad sign and red flag that immediately makes me say no to the platform. And they are said to be located in New Zealand, which along with London, Switzerland and the Netherlands, seems to be one of the focus points that fraudulent ICOs use as a base headquarters when putting a location.

Market Miner In Conclusion

Although the platform isn’t an ICO, they still want to hold your money. And without any proof of a business, or a team behind the scenes, they are putting off an untrustworthy aura. Stay away from Market Miner until they make it clear who is running the show and how they’re making their investments work. is a peculiar sort of trading destination. At first glance, it looks like a crypto-currency exchange, where indeed, crypto currencies can be traded (by buying and selling them, obviously), but at a closer look, it becomes obvious that that is not the case. What we’re looking at instead, is a rather run-of-the-mill binary option trading destination, with the twist that deposits are made in BTC and the actual investing is done in BTCs as well. Despite that, when trading at this site, you are NOT trading BTC in the classic sense (buying it low and selling it high further down the line, for a profit). - Trade Coins

So What’s TradeCoins?

What is also obvious is that presents itself as an actual crypto currency exchange – which it is not. Why it does this is anyone’s guess. It could have something to do with the fact that the company behind the operation is based in the US, where binary options are illegal. The reason why can exist at all, in its current shape and form, is probably that US financial authorities do not consider Bitcoin an actual currency, which means that the trading at the site does not involve any money. That would also explain why there is no other currency accepted for deposits.

Those who intend to trade at, can buy BTC directly from the operator. Cash-outs are done in BTC as well. Obviously, in order to do all this, one needs to have access to a BTC wallet.

Deposits are only accepted in BTC and BTC can be bought straight from the operator.

Trading Platform

The trading interface is smooth and quite self-explanatory. All traders have to do is to choose the traded asset, set the expiry time and the investment amount and to choose the direction of the trade. According to the Tradecoins website, the maximum payout rate on trades which end up ITM, is 81% (which is not particularly impressive).

TradeCoins Reviews and reddit do not mention the operation in any shape or form, and that could also be due to the fact that – as said above – the trading platform is not actually virtual-currency trading-focused. While there are indeed several virtual/fiat currency pairs available in the tradable assets section, there are other – more traditional – underlying assets available too, like various fiat currency pairs, indices and commodities like Gold, Oil, Platinum and Silver.

Who is Behind TradeCoins?

The corporate entity behind is Titan Marketers Ltd. The address given at the website is 7950 NW 53rd Street, Suite 337, Miami, Florida, 33166.

Contact-wise, there’s a dedicated support email address available:, as well as a couple of phone numbers: +17 863 503 395, +49 3031879671.

The site does not feature a proper “About Us” section, so there is not much background-information available. There are a few not-exactly-trust-inspiring user testimonials featured on the homepage, but they are accompanied by a few quotes from articles published about by The Independent and Coindesk.

The domain was reserved way back in 2001, and the identity of the registrant is not available.


Hasil gambar untuk review was not a very popular website and at the time of posting this had an Alexa global rank of 928,407. Most of the visitors of the site are people from the US, Austria, French Polynesia, Poland, Germany and Iran among other countries.

According to SimilarWeb, almost 40% of all visits to arrive via referrals.

TradeCoins Review Conclusion is essentially a binary option trading site, which seems to pose as a virtual currency exchange. Now, we don’t have any evidence that TradeCoins is involved in scamming people, however we do know that binary options trading is risky and there are many fraudulent brokers offering this type of OTC trading platform.

Update (November 21, 2017): We just received evidence that TradeCoins may be a scam! Here’s an email we received from one of our followers:

TradeCoins Review is a unique broker offering a custom made trading platform for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dashcoin, and Monero. They also have available a variety of assets to trade CFD’s on including; Regular Forex Pairs, Commodities, Gold, Oil, Stocks and Market Indexes.

What makes them a Crypto Currency Broker is that they only accept deposits in Bitcoin. When placing trades, you will not enter a dollar amount, you will enter an amount in Bitcoins. As you can see in the picture below. We placed a trade on BTCUSD with 0.0028571 Bitcoins.

These new types are brokers are catering to people who live in the Crypto world, and are looking for trading platforms that don’t consider the US Dollar a form of currency.

Demo accounts are available for free when you sign up. Minimum deposit for a live trading account is 0.1 BTC, which today equals $715 USD.

TradeCoins Broker Trading Platform

TradeCoins License & Regulation

When the Scam Broker investigator reviews a new Crypto Forex broker, to determine if they are legitimate or a scam, we check to see if they are licensed and regulated by either the FCA in the United Kingdom, the SEC in America, or Australia’s ASIC.

TradeCoins is a company registered on the island of Seychelles, and is not a regulated exchange.

Compare TradeCoins

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